The Royal

2004 | Role: Patrick Maver Episode: No Room for Ravers

Happy Feet

(1991) Role: Clifford

Children of the North

Episode: City of Maloch (1991) Role: Barton Episode: Lonely The Man Without Heroes (1991) Role: Barton


(1990) Role: Dum Dum

The Fourth Floor

1986 | Role: Hanley Director: Tony Scott  

Robin of Sherwood

1986 | Role: Raven Episode: The Inheritance


(1984) TV Movie Role: Alan

The Gentle Touch

Episode: Losers Weepers (1984)  Role: Oscar Episode: Finders Keepers (1984) Role: Oscar

The Bell 

TV Series  (1982) Role: Noel Spens

Easter 2016

1982 | Role: Lennie North Director: Ben Bolt Genre: Sci-Fi

The Professionals 

1982 | Role: Jack Stone Episode: You’ll Be All Right


1981 | Role: Richards

Bloody Kids

1980 | Role: Detective Ritchie


(1980) Role: Ray Fox Episode: The Family… and the Future  Episode: Oh Dear – Oh Dear – Oh Dear!  Episode: Just Another Villain in a Cheap Suit  Episode: Just an Iron Monkey  Episode: Fox: Big … Continue reading Fox


1979 | BBC TV Film Role: George McBrain


(1978) Episode: Hazell Pays a Debt Role: O’Rourke

Sweeney 2 

1978 | Role: Llewellyn


(1978) Role: John Pavey Episode: I Wouldn’t Take Your Hand If I Was Drowning  Episode: The Moment He Opened His Envelope Episode:  A Little Heart to Heart with Miss Bangor


(1977) Role: Ron Taylor

The XYY Man

(1977) Role: Roberts Episode: Whisper Who Dares Episode: Now We Are Dead Episode: When We Were Very Greedy

Crown Court

Episode:  A Pocketful of Pills: Part 1 (1977) … Gerald Peck Episode:  Home Sweet Home: Part 1 (1977) … Kenneth Clayton Episode:  Or Was He Pushed?: Part 3 (1976) … Peter Morgan Episode:  Or Was He Pushed?: Part 2 (1976) … Peter … Continue reading Crown Court

Forget Me Not 

Episode: The Runner (1976) Role: Billy Trent Episode: Forget Me Not (1976) Role: Man

The Sweeney

1975 | Role: Eagle Episode:  Night Out

Village Hall 

(1975) Role: Auctioneer Episode: Lot 23

Soldier and Me 

(1974) Role: Driver Episode: No Escape  Episode:  Trapped Episode:  Hunted Episode:  Alone Episode:  Cross Country Episode:  Jump Episode:  Alibi Episode:  The House of Secrets


(1973) Role: Taylor


(1970) Episode: Hear No Evil   Role: Operator

The Expert 

(1969) Episode: – No Home in the City  Role: PC Brooks

Z Cars

(1969) Episode:  Bottoms Up for the Walking Dead: Part 1  Role: Banks Episode:  The Lonely Place: Part 2  Role: Pat Haslam Episode: The Lonely Place: Part 1  Role:  Pat Haslam